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Winter Duvet Quilted

Winter Duvet Quilted

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Product description : 1 Quilted duvet 

Filling: silicon and feather velvet (smooth, delicate, and fluffy)

Colors: Grey, Tan, Pink, White, Light Yellow 

Product features:
1. High count and high-density fleece printing fabric, soft and comfortable, bright color, no fading
2. filled with silicon feather velvet, soft and silky.
3. The four corners are provided with a buckle, which can be freely combined into a quilt.
4. With invisible zipper detection port, you can directly see the filling inside.

Washing: it can be washed at room temperature, gently kneaded or hand washed with a neutral detergent washing machine. It can be machine dehydrated or cage dried, but it can't be dry cleaned, chlorine bleached, and ironed at low temperatures.

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